Fashion & Luxury Presence™, a unique one-stop-strategy-shop for luxury-minded brands and institutions, performs:

We are primarily based in Paris, the undisputed capital of fashion and luxury creative work, and the iconic crossroad where all things that matter in these industries take shape before driving the most meaningful insights to the rest of the world:

As a dedicated group of fashion and luxury experts, we deliver first-class results because we apply our savoir-faire not only to long-term forward-thinking prospects, but also to visible practical issues in real-life situations; because we constantly commit ourselves to the most demanding and exclusive projects; because we always stick to the top priorities of our clients and partners; and because we are as amazingly passionate as efficient about what we do.

This is the mindset that we would love to bring to life for you, whether you are a luxury or aspirational brand executive, a marketing or communication agency, an academic institution, an entrepreneur or investor planning to write a new chapter in fashion or luxury trends.

We strongly believe that luxury is not only a marketing fantasy or a company’s dream of accomplishment, but is accurately defined and ruled by three and only three DNA components: heritage, personalization, and high-end craftsmanship. And if these core inseparable components cannot be totally built from scratch whatever efforts you make, they are truly perfectible and their public perception can always be improved. If you find this idea inspiring and worth giving a try, then we should have a talk.


Guillaume Olivié-Touati
Founder and CEO