The DNA approach

The DNA approach is the essence and the keystone of our work. It is through this out-of-the-box prism that we understand, assess and drive strategic decisions in the fashion and luxury market. We have extensively experienced that a luxury or aspirational brand is nourished by 3 mandatory and interdependent core components: (Both from the organizational and public perception points of view)

  • Heritage: As the corpus of meaningful cultural assets issued from memory and corporate history constitutes today the inescapable leverage to make a brand shine, stand out from the crowd and acquire an iconic status. No heritage? Brand is not luxury!
  • Personalization: As consumers in the luxury market desperately seek for the more-or-less visible distinguishing mark that will make their product or service a very special one and make them feel as a unique person and part of a elite group. No personalization? Brand is not luxury!
  • Craftsmanship: As highly skilled individuals always ply their trade behind the big names in luxury, and their sometimes so-called legendary craft is at the heart of continuous success in the long run and is anyhow the gate to a repeated creativity as well as to innovativeness. No craftsmanship? Brand is not luxury!

Price? Exclusivity? Rarity? They are outcomes, and not DNA components.

Once and only once every 3 checkboxes are checked (this being part of a first stage analysis process), we reckon to have a green light to further our investigations, because we know for sure we will have sufficient materials to turn our insights into a powerful tailored strategy so as to strengthen and increase your market share.

Enhancing public perception

The gap between the reality of your heritage, personalization and craftsmanship levels and their public perception is one crucial issue that must absolutely be taken into account. Because if there is a gap, there is undoubtedly a lack of coherency and therefore a place for improvement. When fully and methodically addressed, whatever the size of your business it will lead to major corporate and brand-related enhancement in:

  • Organizational performance
  • Strategy and development
  • Marketing and communication
  • Sales and retail

That is precisely where we come in, pulling the right levers so as to ensure you will still play a major role in your luxury sector for decades to come.