Consulting is the back bone of Fashion & Luxury Presence™’s activities.

No job is too big or too small for our team of experts, who provide first-class strategy services for well-established fashion or luxury businesses, from the most discrete to the most popular.

Either your brand and/or company already has a quite long history (say, half a century or so, at the very least), and we will help you keeping it on the right tracks, or you just started it, and in that case we will give you the best organizational, technical and marketing inputs to turn it into a luxury name in five to ten decades. Yes, you may not be around to enjoy these future good times (we may not be either), but there is still satisfaction to be gained in the anticipation. (Not counting comfortable profit margins in the meantime)

Because we consider that a luxury brand’s development strategy should be heritage-driven, and include a consumer-focused experience thinking, we have designed a package of 4 bespoke high value-added services:

  • BuildYourPast → Identify and leverage your Key Historical Artifacts
  • UnlockHeritage → Assess and free up the power of your cultural heritage
  • HeritageToMarket → Enhance your brand development through heritage assets
  • ExperienceLuxury → Shape and optimize your brand most influential touchpoints

In order to deliver outstanding results, we focus on 5 crucial issues that together are the gateway to brand successes in the fashion and luxury industries:

  • History and Heritage
  • Brand heritage and identity
  • Brand equity and management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Retail

If you think Fashion & Luxury Presence™ may be a good fit for your branding needs, please get in touch for further inquiry.